Saturday, November 22, 2008

Brand Encourages Universities to Be Dishonest About Cuts in Sports Programs

NCAA President Myles Brand recently stated that universities may have to cut out some sports due to the bad economy and said those universities should not blame Title IX, a federal law which forced universities to add more women's sports to bring equality to men and women's sports programs.

The fact is most of the cuts will come in men's sports because if the cuts come in women's sports, the universities cannot meet the requirements of Title IX. So more popular men's sports will end up being cut before less popular women's sports. Jim McCarthy of the College Sports Council, an advocacy group for men's sports sums Brand's comments better than I possibly could:

"That is utterly disgraceful," said McCarthy. "He knows perfectly well Title IX is going to force schools to target men's sports first. He is asking schools to join him in a whitewash."
Regardless of whether Title IX is a good thing or bad thing, Brand has no business encouraging academic institutions to be anything less than honest when it comes to explaining the cuts.

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Anonymous said...

Don't cut yourself short, Paul. We all no that Title IX is a bad thing. It has resulted in schools getting rid of the men's football team and replacing it with the women's bowling club all it the name of "equality." The fact of the matter is men play sports in higher percentages than women.