Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Republicans and Alcoholics

Mental health experts say that the first step in the recovery for an alcoholic is for that person to admit he has a problem.

The same goes for Republicans. While its hard not to get caught up in the very positive spin some of my well-meaning fellow Republican bloggers are putting on this election, it is almost certain that Republicans are going to hit with an enormous Democrat inferno come November 4th. The Republican brand has been damaged, and we're going to pay dearly for it.

The key date is not November 4th, however. The key date is November 5th. The question is whether Republicans are going to use this election disaster to build a new and better party or whether they'll spin themselves into believing it really wasn't so bad after all. It takes the alcoholic waking up face down in the gutter to realize he has a problem and needs to make changes in his life. I f it takes a November 4th for Republicans to realize they have a problem and need to make drastic changes, so be it.

Returning to the Democrat inferno, anyone who has walked through a forest after it has been consumed by a fire, sees a gruesome, ugly scene. Return in two years though, and that same forest is alive with lush green new growth. 2008 won't be a good year for Republicans. 2010 though is a year that has limitless possibilities if, and only if, the Republican Party take a hard look in the mirror and admits it has a problem.


Anonymous said...

Every major city in America that has let the dems take over has seen a decline. That is what amazes me that in spite of the Detroits etc. they will keep voting for them no matter what. So I would say that in two years with the Demorats in full control of America you will have weeds.

Diana Vice said...

This is right on. I stopped drinking Republican Kool-Aid a long time ago. Until Republicans start acting like Republicans again, I'll not be voting the straight party line. If we have to endure a donkey party era, then maybe, just maybe, it will bring the Republican party back to its roots. Long live the spirit of Ronald Reagan.