Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Irony of this Election Season

I find delicious irony in the Democrats fighting so hard against the voter photo ID requirement, now touting it as an important precaution against voter fraud in this era of bloated voter registration books filled with people who have died or moved. Democrats were wrong to fight the requirement. The previous signature requirement was a joke. My signature in the poll book is from when I was 15 years old and signed my social security card. My signature has changed substantially the 30 plus years since then. I would say I thought the particular photo ID requirement Indiana adopted was a bit too restrictive. But the argument that people should be able to vote without any identification at all is, as we say in the law, utterly without merit.

Upcoming irony? In response to Republican Secretary of State Todd Rokita's request that the Republican Indiana Attorney General Steve Carter investigate voter registration fraud in Lake County, the Attorney General's Office issued a statement that the AG had no authority to conduct such an investigation. As I have previously noted in this blog, that legal interpretation is not supported by Indiana law. It is the product of the mindset at the AG's office (which is shared by Republican Attorney General candidate Greg Zoeller, Carter's top lieutenant) of an extremely limited role for the state's top attorney, and a refusal to exercise even power specifically given to that office.

The irony? Well that would be Zoeller losing the election because of questionable votes coming out of Lake County.

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