Thursday, October 30, 2008

Breakdown of Indiana County Registrations - Bloated Registration Rolls

I ran across this interesting posting yesterday where a guy had actually put together a spreadsheet of population and registration statistics for all the counties in Indiana. Follow the links on his post to find the excel spreadsheet. I'm not sure his motivation. It appears he just enjoys working with statistical information.

It shows by my count 15 counties with over 100% registration, including Marion at 107% and Union the winner at 111%. The other counties I see over 100% are Brown, Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Howard, Jennings, Pike, Ripley, Scott, Spencer, Tipton and Vanderburg. Most of the others, even if they aren't at 100%, are extremely high, far beyond what is a realistic registration rate.

I'm not sure these counties over 100% did the purges Secretary of State Todd Rokita urged them to do as required by law. I know Marion County did not. In their defense, the feds have made it extremely difficult and expensive to purge non-voters from the voter registration lists. I'm sure a strengthened Democrat majority Congress will jump to fix the Motor Voter Law and Help America Vote Act to make it easier for states to purge non-voters from their voter registration lists so they don't have to deal with 100% registration rates. Okay, that last comment was sarcasm.

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