Wednesday, September 3, 2008

No Hoosier Left Unregistered

Ever take a good look at voter registration numbers compared to the population?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, as of 2006 Indiana's estimated population was 6,313,520. Those under 18 constitute an even 25% of the population. So 75% of the population in Indiana is eligible to vote.

Let's do the math: 6,313,520 x 75% = 4,735,140 people in Indiana could be registered to vote.

According to Indiana Secretary of State Todd Rokita, nearly 4.4 million Hoosiers have registered to vote with several weeks left in the registration period.

4,400,000/4,735,140 = 93% of the possible voters in Indiana are registered.

Does anyone really beieve that 93% of the people who can be registered are registered? When I used to go door to door to poll and register voters, I was constantly finding people who had not registered. That those unregistered adults only constitute 7% of the population is unfathomable.

The voter registration numbers are obviously inflated considerably. Why? Two reasons: Despite the efforts to develop a statewide voter registration database, the lists are still filled with people registered at multiple addresses. The second reason is that the voter registration rolls remain littered with the names of deceased voters.

When I first started as precinct committeeman, there was a purge of non-voters every 2 years. Then it was changed to every 4 years. In 1993, a newly-elected Democrat-majority Congress with newly-elected President Clinton enacted the Motor Voter Bill which prohibited states from purging voters for not voting.

So next time you hear how bad voter turnout is, remember that the number of voters is being compared to the artifically inflated voter registration rolls. As those rolls become more and more bloated, turnout numbers will continue to drop.

Maybe elected officials will wake up when the registration numbers start exceeding the population base eligible to vote. Despite the Democrats attempt to paint voter purges for non-voting as evil Republican manuevers, they serve a very important interest in protecting the integrity of the voting system.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of voting-how does one lobby to get gerrymandered out of the Carson district. We have been held hostage in Meridian Kessler since Julia arrived and I can truly say I am certainly not represented in any way. With Julia at least I received a form letter in reply to my usual opposite opinions -with Andre he has dispensed with such things.

StillWind said...

For years I have heard of the Dems using dead voters and multiple listings to get elected (ever see the Carson bus?)

Republicans are well aware of this tactic, and the media has even reported on it, but not to my knowledge since JFK won with help from many dead Chicago voters.

This is part of the corrupt political system that we allow to exist, because we just don't care enough to make it right.

The sheeple have spoken...baaaaa

Anonymous said...

Don't blame it on me, as the fix is in and the big boys play the game behind the doors. Nothing we do will change that. Monroe Gray is still there. The list goes on.