Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Intolerance of the Left

I've always argued that when it comes to intolerance, the liberals beat conservatives by a country mile. Andrea Tantaros, a Republican political strategist, sums up my thoughts exactly in an article she wrote:

"Liberals like to pretend they are tolerant and accepting of those who are different but when it comes to anyone not ensconced in their progressive, elitist dogma they mock and attack their lifestyle to inspire hate. But because governor Palin is endearing, authentic–and with this latest revelation–easy to identify with, she invokes panic in the left. Why else would they assail a very popular, promising lady and her children?"

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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StillWind said...

My first words here were, "There is nothing more cynical than a Democrat", but I had to rethink that, since I've been a registered Democrat since 1978 (Oh, the folly of youth)

However, the reality is that the Democrat party has been fully infiltrated and coopted by the Left.

Now I know this isn't news to anyone who has been awake for the last 30 year, but it should be repeated ad nauseum until enough folks wake up to the fact that the Party that once stood for "one man, one vote" is now the party of "step to the Left and don't get out of line...or else"

I may believe in a woman's right to chose, but after 40 years, shouldn't we have done a good enough job with the billions of dollars we've put into "The Great Society", that we aren't still killing babies as a means of birth control?

Sara Palin is an American that walks the talk, and this deeply frightens the Left. She is willing to endure hardship, and actually look for the silver lining in the cloud, rather than prostrate herself before the goddess of self-pity.

How dare she...?

Are there enough real Americans, like her, left to put the brakes on the Mach 5 drive into communist oblivion?

The race is on folks. Our future turns here.