Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Wager On The Obama Veepstakes

I start my list considering those experienced politicos, Senators Joe Biden and Chris Dodd. Although they would certainly bring a wealth of experience and foreign policy gravitas to the Obama ticket, they're not the types of candidates who are going to impress in the "change" election environment which exists. Obviously Gary Hart...oops, I mean John Edwards, is no longer in the running. I can't take seriously the suggestion of putting a Republican on the ticket with Obama, the most prominent being Senator Chuck Hagel. While I like Senator Hagel a lot, the Vice President position is now considered as a stepping stone to the Presidency. I doubt the Democratic Party would want a victory to elevate a Republican to a heartbeat of the Presidency.

I almost choke on the words as I write them, but I think Hillary Clinton would be the best addition to the Obama ticket. She has shown herself to be a tremendous campaigner and she excels at hitting the demographic, white working men and women, that McCain needs to have an overwhelming support among to have any chance of winning. While the Clintons, both Hillary and Bill, might be distractions in the White House, I'm pretty certain that Obama has the charisma and personality to keep them in their role as second bananas. That said, Obama and his supporters seem to have long memories about perceived unfair attacks by Hillary Clinton during the campaign. I doubt they would put thos slights aside to embrace Hillary,as No. 2, especially since her help as Veep probably won't be needed to secure victory.

My short list is narrowed down to two: Senator Evan Bayh and Virginia Governor Tim Kaine. Having watched Evan Bayh as a Secretary of State, Governor and U.S. Senator, I can't get over what certainly appears to be a charisma deficit. Charisma might not be important for winning statewide office in Hoosierland, but on the national stage it is important. Governor Tim Kaine trumps Bayh on charisma, is a better hands-on campaigner than Bayh and would likely put into the Obama column a state with 2 more electoral votes than Indiana.

So my bet is Virginia Governor Tim Kaine.


Anonymous said...

Do I trust any republicans after Bush (mean Hitler Jr) killed 2 million innocent people by falsifying to the Whole world.Both daddy & Jr Bushes dropped bombs on school buses, schools, apartments, houses, churches and mosques. How many republicans acted like Jesus Christ during Clinton Era ???

Gov Mitch Daniels of IN wants to hide his Syrian Muslim origin..by horing people who were in KKK traing camps.Surprised ????? Mitch will be surprised when his people burns cross in Mitch's yard. Ofcouse, like Bush Mitch used so much illegal drugs that his IQ is

daltonsbriefs said...

My, the anonymous commenters are sure brave when they spew their hate and foolishness.

As much as I hate to admit it, I think Evan Bayh is going to be the choice. By the way, my entire take on him is that he's mean to his wife, I've seen him in action. No man that is a jerk to his wife needs to be our Vice President or Senator.

But personal life aside, I think Obama will choose him. Good news, if Obama were to win, we get a new Republican senator.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous' comment is not worth responding to. However, the possability of Bayh being VP is interesting. I am a very conservative republican who is not wild about McCain, but will vote for him because Obama is way too liberal. Picking Bayh would let me sleep a little more at night because he has some foreign affairs experience and is a whole lot more experienced in just about every area than Obama.